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Richard Jack

Portrait of Richard Jack by Klaus Hohnwald


"My work reveals a continuing search to balance and mesh my intuitive feelings of the times we live in, the contrasting materials reflecting harmony in combination but also suggesting the possibility of tensions in society. However, for this exhibition, I have chosen works that are relevant to the family.
The family is a theme that is close to all of us embracing love, tenderness, caring, joy, togetherness and support. It is also a theme I have encompassed in many of my sculptures and one that I often come back to. The mother and child are another theme that artists continually explore as it portrays what a wonderful gift life is.
I work predominantly with the human figure using stone, steel and wood, materials that sculptors have used for millennia, each material having its own characteristics and possibilities. As a sculptor my working process is expressed by the tools I use, so the contrast created by leaving natural surfaces with a chisel and file markings is used to emphasise feelings and emotions... like the brush strokes in a painting. Some of the sculptures are Maquettes of ideas for larger pieces that could be displayed in public buildings and outdoor settings... thought to provoke and to stimulate."

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The Mother And Child:

Richard Jack - Mother and Child


Richard Jack - Amazonia

Rock a Bye Baby

Richard Jack | Rock a Bye Baby

The Ships Sails On

Richard Jack | The Ship Sails On