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Anne Jane Waters

Anne Jane Waters

"I would describe my art as moving between abstract and figurative expressionism, predominantly capturing the essence of both sea and landscapes. My paintings are inspired by what I see in nature; the enormity, beauty and colour that is there, all around us. Through the use of colour and texture, I strive to capture the subtlety, richness and depth of a particular landscape, sea view or glimpse of nature, bringing its energy and impact to the canvas. By working with loose structure, I hope to enable the viewer to reflect upon their own experience and view of the composition.
The paintings in this exhibition represent a definite development in my work. I have focused increasingly on areas that I know well - rural Hampshire and the Dorset coast - painting the stunning scenery that one happens upon as in 'Across the Bay', or those wonderful details that capture your attention when looking for small movements in the grasses ('Stolen View across The Water Meadows'). In my studio, I have moved between my favourite colour palettes of stones, greens and yellows and the delightful and dramatic blues! I hope you enjoy my works."

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Across The Bay:

Anne Jane Waters | Across The Bay


South of North Waltham:

Anne Jane Waters | South of North Waltham


Stolen View across The Water Meadows:

Anne Jane Waters | Stolen View across The Water Meadows