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Audio Visual (A/V)

Advancing technology, particularly in mobile devices and tablets, means that almost anywhere can become a meeting space and many venues now try to offer this service but few venues are yet able to offer the built-in communications facilities that will be needed in the future.

4K Projection

Investing in new audio-video technologies for our Squire Theatre helped us to enhance our status as a modern communications hub. The Squire now boasts 4K projector which delivers a brighter, sharper detailed image. These are supplied by full HDMI connectivity through the latest Crestron Max Computer system, allowing multiple laptop connections across the panel desk and podium. Perfect for media-rich presentations or seminar Q & A sessions.

Sound & Lighting

State of the art Sound Equipment perfect for a different kind of events. Crisp clean vocals for all your presentations. A wide range of deep rich sounds to really immerse your audience. Stage and Side Lighting to colour match your company colours or to completely transform the room.

We work closely with other External AV companies to be able to provide you with any additional sound & lighting equipment that would be required for your event.

Live Link Streaming

Installation of high-speed fibre broadband allowed us to deliver complex events such as video links from hospital operating theatres. The main auditorium can broadcast content to other parts of the building through built-in audio and video feed keeping satellite rooms and refreshments areas up to date on key content – an opportunity for hundreds of delegates to be present during complicated surgical procedures.

Presentation Capture System

Live video and audio recordings can be another way to post content online and continue interactions after the event. For capturing those great speeches and presentations we now offer recording & broadcasting through a Black Magic Capture System. This allows two or more 1080p cameras to record directly to a hard drive. Added to our fibre broadband capacity we can also provide live streaming for external viewing of the event.

 WiFi & Broadband

High-speed WiFi coverage is now essential but in addition to that, the Ark has also invested in fibre broadband capacity that is vital for streaming larger amounts of data, IT training courses and video conferencing.


Technology in Squire Lecture Theatre at The Ark Basingstoke



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